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This is WikiTest. The members can test out syntax to improve this wiki or for personal testing. We put all archived tests on Mi Wiki:WikiScrapbook. We archive every 30 sections. Please make a new section for each testing. And keep failure edits, it's very resourceful to other users who may want to try it out and fail too.


[edit] Input Box Test

<inputbox> type=search default=Find article width=50 bgcolor=red buttonlabel=Search preload=Main Page/Pagetext editintro=Main Page/Pageintro break=no </inputbox>

<inputbox> type=search default=Leave message width=50 bgcolor=green buttonlabel=Leave message preload=Main Page/Pagetext editintro=Main Page/Pageintro break=no </inputbox>

[edit] Main Page

Hello! Welcome to the Mi Wiki!

...with 54 articles about the Miis!

Mii | Games | Spottings | Species | Locations | Mini-Games | Wiki Parade

Fanon Section | Calendar | Recent Edits

[edit] Bordering and Gallerying Link Images

[love to race and play sports, specially with friends.]

[edit] Text inside a border

frame|right|This is a test.

frame|right|This is a test.

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